Realms of Ukodor: Beyond Fate[edit | edit source]

The Realms of Ukodor: Beyond Fate. Image of Chris Solo as the DM floating above the cast of five ready for battle.

Season 2 takes place in the third age of Ukodor. A group of adventures find themselves in an extraordinary situation. Some are running from their fate, while others running towards it. This adventure will go beyond fate and test their resolve. The world of Ukodor is a 5e homebrew universe created by Dungeon Master Chris Solo.

It has been 40 years since the defeat of the darkness, where the Light Bringers defeated Riha and her armies. We travel three thousand miles south into central Hylak, a foreign land to those who dwell in the lands of men. Hylak is a different from many realms you may have heard of, there are no humans, elves, dwarves or halflings in this realm. This is the land of monsters, well, monsters to the untrained eye. The land of Hylak has a beautiful landscape with mountains and forests as far as the eye can see. It's filled with many amazing creatures such as orcs, goblins, bugbears, gnolls and alike. These creatures are not the ones we’ve been told about in our bedtime stories. They are in fact, just like us in every way imaginable. They are farmers, fishermen, crafters, traders, fathers, mothers and siblings.

You see we have been led to believe that all those creatures are evil and want to destroy our way of living. Well that simply isn’t the case. There are two sides to everyone. There are evil humans and elves as there are good orcs and goblins. Some would say every bit as good and kind as us. That brings me to this new story. A story of several unlikely heroes from different parts of that continent who met it seems for no other reason than fate itself, but my friends this story goes even further, beyond fate.

Current Cast[edit | edit source]

Eclipse, Naphako, Keywynn, Kyrealle, Kerrick, Orion

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Silver Lake Monastery[edit | edit source]

No. Title Airdate Link Runtime
1 Ripples in the Wind 2020-08-26 VOD 4:00
2 Dragged Through The Dark 2020-09-02 VOD 3:20
3 Dark Blessings 2020-09-09 VOD 3:34
4 Burdens of the Past 2020-09-16 VOD 3:34
5 Difficult Choices 2020-09-23 VOD 3:14

The Frigid Expanse (Rime of the Frost Maiden)[edit | edit source]

No. Title Airdate Link Runtime
6 The Frigid Expanse 2020-09-30 VOD 3:48
7 Cold Blooded 2020-10-07 VOD 3:39
8 A Friendly Greeting 2020-10-14 VOD 3:47
9 Common Interests 2020-10-21 VOD 3:34
10 Danger Below 2020-10-28 VOD 3:16
11 Torn Apart 2020-11-04 VOD 4:02
12 Far From Home 2020-11-11 VOD 3:17
13 Shadows of the Past 2020-11-18 VOD 3:06
14 A Broken Past 2020-11-25 VOD 4:06
15 Shattered Emotions 2020-12-02 VOD 3:39
16 Honored Guests 2020-12-09 VOD 3:55
17 Troubling News 2020-12-16 VOD 3:19
18 Death from Above 2020-12-30 VOD 3:33
19 Misdirection 2021-01-06 VOD 3:20
20 Unexpected Turn 2021-01-13 VOD 3:30
21 Against the Clock 2021-01-20 VOD 3:18
22 Hanging By A Thread 2021-01-27 VOD 3:30
23 Trials of Ascension 2021-02-03 VOD 3:09
24 A Step from Darkness 2021-02-10 VOD 3:07
25 Beyond The Darkness 2021-02-17 VOD 3:21
26 Through New Eyes 2021-02-24 VOD 2:52

The Twin Dragon Dynasty[edit | edit source]

No. Title Airdate Link Runtime
27 The Journey Ahead 2021-03-03 VOD 3:10
28 Strange Tidings 2021-03-10 VOD 4:09

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