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Welcome to Hyväkä, a new homebrew world from the mind of dungeon master Dianne Hall. The continent of Sha'oghal in the Age of Atharr is on the brink of change. Since the Land Wars in 82 P.D., that uprooted many gnomes & dwarves in the Orman Valley, forcing them up to live together in Mithjall. The Ghrian Kingdom now has control over most of the land and has enforced a strict pantheon on the people. Worship of any deity outside of the Absolute Thirteen is forbidden, devotion to the Bounded Six is punishable by death. The X'alach Dynasty, who was granted the northeastern corner of the continent during the Territory Treaty of 83 P.D., has since started expanding downwards into the Underdark. Mithjall, stuck in the middle, has stayed neutral, focusing on propelling technology forward to gain leverage in their ties with either territory. Now we come to the year 798 P.D., the maiden voyage of the Steam Forge Rail arrived in Logantach from Mithjall just a few days prior and will continue north to Athcross in two days.

Now the legend started when a group of seemingly random individuals, some acquainted, some not met at the Midsommer Festival in Logantach. All were chosen, as fate would have it, as the Honorary Guests. During the festival they noticed some Boggles causing mischief in the biergarten and took it upon themselves to put a stop to it. With several strategic bonks, the boggles had fled. The group then found themselves invited by Sir Cillian the Duke of Logantach to meet with the King as a thank you.

Current Cast[]

Daffodil, Friz, Mata, Jynx, Rex


Season 1 (2020)
No. Title Airdate Link Runtime
1 View from the Top 2020-10-19 VOD 3:22
2 The Enclave 2020-10-29 VOD 3:55
3 Off the Rails 2020-11-2 VOD 3.24
4 Call For Help 2020-11-9 VOD 3.31
5 Meetings & Parties 2020-11-16 VOD 3.34
6 You're Invited 2020-11-23 VOD 3.31
7 Roads United 2020-11-30 VOD 3.42
8 Secrets of the Past 2020-12-07 VOD 3.02
9 Dark Pass 2020-12-14 VOD 3.40
10 Friends & Foes 2020-12-28 VOD 3.48
11 Lend me a Hand 2021-01-04 VOD 3.00
12 Deep Breath 2021-01-11 VOD 3.05
13 Stonehorn 2021-01-18